Amanda Perrin

Assistant Manager

Amanda Perrin is from Rochester Hills, MI. She grew up in a traditional two parent household with a large family as her foundation.

At an early age, she was influenced by her father’s accredited career in design and her grandmother’s accolades as an English professor. Her connection to the arts was a driving force in her academics.

In high school, she was awarded for her creative writing and visual arts and she was voted “most likely to end up on the New York Times best sellers list”.

After graduation, Amanda took the unconventional route, signing with MC2 models in New York and HRI talent in Los Angeles and moving across the country on her own. After finding success in the industry, Amanda was drawn to the behind the scenes aspect of her work. She worked her way from an executive assistant to the head of her modeling agency, highlighting her skill set in giving and taking direction.

Hungry for more, she explored career paths and discovered real estate, where her skill set was compensated. While receiving her licensure, she took up marketing. What she thought was short-lived, would end up to be an opportunity of a lifetime.

Amanda is now an assistant manager at Focus South striving for every achievement in her industry. She plans to open another market in Atlanta with expansions in Los Angeles and Montreal within her first year.

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