Alina Batalova

Team Lead

Alina Batalova was born and raised by her mom in Saint Petersburg, Russia. She spent most of her life studying — loving every second of it. Right before graduating with a degree in Linguistics in 2016, she received a Fulbright grant to come to the USA and teach Russian at the University of North Georgia, where she became the youngest instructor in the department. Prior to that, she taught English and German to both kids and adults, having had published a few articles on various speech tactics and strategies used by different professionals. While teaching at UNG, she pursued another degree in Human Services Delivery and Administration. Alina is a huge bookworm and has a superpower of reading very fast and can easily read 3-4 books a day. If she’s not reading then she’s probably painting something or volunteering.

Her ultimate goal, and why she joined us at Focus South, is to help children get access to the education they deserve. Ideally, she would like to open up her own schools, setting up an education network between her homeland and her new home.