Khenady Gaines

Khenady Gaines, a Floridian born to two US Navy parents, has lived all over — Cuba, Virginia, Illinois, just to name a few, before ultimately settling down in Atlanta. Competitive by nature, Khenady set the record for her high school’s women’s bench press at 190 lbs. One cosmetology license wasn’t enough, so she got licensed in both Illinois and Georgia. She now manages a bridal hair and makeup company in Atlanta. She studied Finance and Operations Management at Kansas State University — and hopes to use her business acumen and passion for hair to open salons (in 5 different cities!) and create hair product, skin care, and cosmetic lines. While at Kansas State, she won the Miss Swimwear in The Alpha Phi Alpha Black and Gold. Talk about beauty and brains!


Khenady hopes to have her student loans paid off before retiring her parents and customizing a house of her own. She is simultaneously refusing to settle for anything less than stellar, and is pursuing to further her marketing career on top of everything else, hoping to become a national consultant someday. 

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