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What are the typical working hours and compensations?

What clients do you work with?

We are open for our clients Monday through Saturday. However, by appointment and depending on the client's needs, there is an option for Sunday events.


Every individual is different though, so hours and compensation would be discussed should you be selected for an interview.

We work alongside clients in finance, sports, telecommunications, entertainment, energy, and non-profits.

Why live marketing?

By taking your brand or company straight to the people we can offer a great interaction between the brand and the consumer. Not only does this enhance the brand reputation but also creates a fun and unique experience your customers will definitely remember.

How long do you work for each client?

This varies from client to client. We pilot and test multiple campaigns which could last anywhere from one week to one year.

How soon can I begin a career with FOCUS SOUTH?

As a company, we are consistently expanding. We are excited by people who are ambitious and goal-oriented that are ready to work hard and deliver targeted results to our clients. 

Is there an opportunity to progress at FOCUS SOUTH?

We are always looking for our next wave of talent.