Chase Carroll

Chase Carroll is a Florida Native, born in Pensacola to first generation Americans, as one of 5 siblings. At age 24, he moved to Atlanta where he realized his potential. Prior to that, he’d lived in Kentucky, North Carolina, and of course, Florida.


At age 33, he began his own counseling practice working with others to help them overcome the limiting paradigms that cause their depression. Fast forward 20 years, Chase retired and wanted to “give back.” This is when Chase found Focus South and their first charity client, Children International. 


He seized the opportunity to help children in impoverished conditions while helping others by owning a business that could employ anyone and teach them a life changing skill and mentality. Chase has a zeal for philanthropy, politics, social improvements and business, yet his greatest passion remains his wife and family.


Fun Fact: Chase is also a formally trained singer with a cosmetology license! He also studied theology for a moment in time! Definitely a man of many talents.


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